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Senior Project Manager Sam Martin, talks about his experience working on the Courtauld Connect project.

Fabricating Courtauld Connects with Jimmy Millar, Head of Production

Spotlight on Oli Tratt, Site Manager

Designing for Children and Families

Our Business Development Manager, Dan Howarth, comes from a background in design. He talks to us about his experiences designing for younger audiences and some similar projects we have worked on.

London Design Festival 2021 Highlights

Sarah Marshall, Head of Draughting, gives us her highlights of the London Design Festival 2021

Spotlight on Giovanni Giordanelli, Draughtsman

Giovanni has been with us now for over two years and has become an integral part of the draughting team.


Director, Lu Mansell talks about an early part of our company's journey, and one of the elements that underpins the company's success'.

UK arts industries, and arts graduates, should be the poster-children for the economic recovery, and it is well past time that the contributions that the arts industries make - not just in revenue but in quality of life...

Secrets of the Museum

We are excited that not one, but two of the recent exhibitions we have worked on at the V&A, feature on the latest series of Secrets of the Museum on BBC.

Helping you to harness the power of your outdoor spaces.

With life now returning to normal, we’ve focused on how to help cultural and hospitality clients build more effective businesses. 

Award winning Theatre Designer, Tom Piper talks to Director Will Jackson on his work......

Director Will Jackson recently caught up with award winning Theatre Designer, Tom Piper about how his work in theatre translates to exhibition design as well as his recent work on the newly opened exhibition 'Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser'

Reflecting back to our first museum job

Director, Will Jackson talks about how Factory Settings moved from working in theatre to the world of museums and exhibitions.

Spotlight on Michael Wilson, Fabricator

Wilson has been with Factory Settings now for more than five years, he is an integral part of our production team and has some involvement with pretty much every project we work on.

Spotlight on Jason Smith, CNC Manager

Spotlight on Jason Smith, CNC Manager

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Spotlight on Jimmy Millar, Head of Production

Born just 25 miles away from Factory Settings, Head of Production, Jimmy Millar, joined Factory Settings over 12 years ago.

Storytelling in Places

The winter of 1709 was unusually cold. As the seasons changed, trees across Europe strengthened their bark further to ward off the elements. As those trees were felled in later years...

Turning 15

This month Factory Settings turns 15. The company that Lu and I founded from our basement workshop in 2005 has grown to a 30-strong organisation of creative, ingenious people.

Hospitality and Retail

Whilst we are best known for our work in Museum and Heritage, Factory Settings has been providing elegant design-led solutions to retail and hospitality throughout the life of the company.

We make the impossible happen

Working with such a wide range of clients means we get to design and build a truly varied array of projects.

Restoring a belt that marked an unlikely wartime friendship:  lessons for culture from the BBC's TV series The Repair Shop

I was dubious about the recommendation. Would the BBC’s series The Repair Shop follow the format of the Antiques Roadshow with its financial voyeurism...