Naomi Gunnett

October 6, 2021

Secrets of the Museum

We are excited that not one, but two of the recent exhibitions we have worked on at the V&A, feature on the latest series of Secrets of the Museum on BBC. 

Episode two features Epic Iran, and focuses on the installation of the gores - these are the large arched brackets we fabricated, which have been suspended from the ceiling to mimic the interior of a domed mosque roof. They’re being used to exhibit three 10m long paintings which are replicas of the actual design on the inside of the roof of the Masjid-E Sayyid Mosque. 

Episode three gives an insight into the making of the exhibition, Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser. In particular a focus on Theatre Designer, Tom Piper’s vision for recreating a full size version of the Mad Hatters Tea Party and a behind the scenes look at the ambitious efforts to turn that vision into reality.

Factory Settings team in action!

Naomi Gunnett

Office Manager at Factory Settings
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