Lu Mansell

March 29, 2021

Hospitality and Retail

Whilst we are best known for our work in Museum and Heritage, Factory Settings has been providing elegant design-led solutions to retail and hospitality throughout the life of the company.

For our first ever company Christmas party, we chose to invite our nearest and dearest to the upstairs bar at The Prince, N16.  The reason why? – we built the bar!

Whilst this project was so far back in the mists of time that Will Jackson (one of our directors) was on-the-tools for the lovely contemporary hardwood construction, we never left this arena behind, finding that our skill and experience in other realms crosses over very well into retail and hospitality settings, especially where there is call for something a little less ordinary.  

Being as familiar as we are with working around access restrictions and the general public, and making and installing elements that have not only a beautiful finish but the robustness required for everyday use,  our way of working lends itself very well to providing a special experience for all involved.

From retail fitout and exotic window displays in Mayfair, to overnight installations in the likes of Bluewater, Westfield and the Bullring, we’ve served all parts of the sector.

Favourbrook Pall Mall store, London
Favourbrook Pall Mall store, London

Perhaps the most involved project of recent years was for Old Spitalfields Market, where we realised a concept design from Foster and Partners.  Whilst on paper the design was simple, featuring some folding metal mesh doors to close off the units overnight, the reality of engineering a system that would work reliably for years without need for specialist maintenance or servicing (and all within the slender aesthetic required by the designers) was much more involved.  

As well as achieving these aims, we managed to provide cnc-cut brass edging to the steps on the units, an effect previously only attainable with casting or acid-etching.

Brass samples for Anchor Stalls
CNC cut brass step edging in process

Of course not everyone requires this level of complexity, and we are equally happy providing simple, cost-effective (but elegantly-designed!) solutions to the needs of businesses that need to increase their capacity to serve customers even under social distancing.

We are looking forward to helping clients maximise their customer experience and trading capacity as retail and hospitality begin the route out of lockdown.  Ask us how we can help your organisation make the most of the upcoming opportunities ahead!

Bar at Alexandra Palace. Image credit: ©Lloyd Winters

Lu Mansell

Co-Founder & Director of Factory Settings
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