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Bletchley Park: Hut 11A - The Bombe Breakthrough

Factory Settings Ltd. were appointed as the Principal Contractor for Stage One of Hut 11A at Bletchley Park in June 2017. This was one of Factory Settings’ earlier Two-Stage tenders, laying the groundwork for many more to come, and customarily allowing for a significant portion of Design Development with Bletchley Park and designers Nissen Richards Studio during Stage One, after which we successfully submitted our tender return for Stage Two.

A permanent fixture in Bletchley Park, the exhibition features multiple digital interactives, integrated dynamic LED lighting, a six-screen video wall, and a fully automated working replica of the ‘Bombe’ -an electro-mechanical device used by cryptologists to help decipher the Enigma code). Factory Settings applied a range of sophisticated finishes for the exhibition, including a bespoke type of ‘metallising’- which was developed specifically for Bletchley Park- to the tubular laser-cut steel.

Photos ©Ben Mehigan