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British Museum: Sunken Cities

This major exhibition at the British Museum explores the two lost cities of Thonis-Heracleion and Canopus, submerged beneath the Mediterranean for a thousand years.

At approximately 1000 square metres, the gallery at the World Conservation and Exhibitions Centre presents a challenge in scale alone. Factory Settings were thrilled to be awarded the contract to be principal contractors on this technically challenging installation.

Our brief called for the coordination of various elements including lighting and electrical installation, as well as the setworks - which included the integration of touring showcases into our walls.

The project called for a multiphase installation due to the nature of some of the heavy objects. The bulk of the build had to be finished before object installation, as usual, but a large amount of work could not be completed until the particularly large objects were in place to allow access for the object installers. This required careful planning and close liaison between the museum's Project Management and technical staff and Factory Settings.

We also managed and fabricated a custom support armature to hold a 5T stone object 1m above the floor. And manufactured a custom lifting bracket for installing some of the larger exhibits.

All in all a really enjoyable challenge.

Photos ©The Trustees of the British Museum