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Design Museum: Beazley Designs of the Year

The Design Museum approached us with a unique proposal for Beazley Designers of the Year that we hope will inform a new way of exhibition making inspired by the re-use of the previous exhibition build within the same gallery space. The success of the project revolved around the ability of the designer to creatively reimagine the forms in the space and the expertise of our team to develop the design into an elegant real world solution. By dispensing with the orthodoxies associated with traditional exhibition builds, we reduced the need to have workshop time and instead channelled our efforts into site related works. We increased our crew numbers to work collaboratively with the designer and curator to pull, push and cut existing wall forms into new gallery spaces. New vistas were created by simply cutting through old walls and the offcut sections were used to make new plinths. Freestanding walls from the previous exhibition were altered and moved into new positions to make a new cinema space. The resulting exhibition was a model for both cutting edge design, sustainability, and working within a budget which would not allow for extravagant expenditure.

Photos © Felix Speller