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National Maritime Museum: Investment Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 10

The 10th incarnation of the Investment Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year Award incorporated an exciting Design Development period with the Royal Museums Greenwich and Plaid Design, with 2D elements by Praline, to create a brand new interchangeable Photography Gallery in the National Maritime Museum.

While employing carefully chosen materials like valchromat and a bespoke subcontracted Meroform framework, the exhibition design was couched around the core motif of matt-black light-boxes back-lighting and framing over 100 astronomical photographs, with a variety of methods of mounting the light-boxes discussed and developed. We realised an optically stream-lined and visually light-weight design by meticulously negotiating the partly transparent and shallow surfaces with the installation of copious embedded LED features, and topped it all off with a shop area integrating bespoke cabinetry within a curvilinear, modular brushed aluminum shell, and a tableau of delicately installed graphics, backlit by DHA Lighting Design, to simulate an abstracted starry glow.

Photos ©National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London