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Natural History Museum: Fantastic Beasts™: The Wonder of Nature

Oft-times on projects we have to think outside the box. In this case it was exhibition boxes for the Natural History Museum’s fantastic Beasts: The Wonder of Nature show.

We started on the project before the design was finalised. The NHM wanted to work with us knowing that we loved collaborating creatively but could also push the design through development to construction whilst continually updating the costs and approvals for the team.  

The project’s success was a testament to the efficient management of the two often opposing work streams and the ability to cross-reference key decisions against the programme.

We came to a great agreement with specialists showcase contractor, Meyvaert, who triumphed against a challenging deadline. We created the showcase carcasses, whilst they provide the showcase front glazing, framework and seals - with the two halves being assembled on-site with the Museum testing the air exchange. 

This innovative approach generated excellent results all round and offered a significant cost saving to boot.

Further cost savings were incurred by featuring scenic finishes on almost all the surfaces painted by our in-house scenic paint team. Rather than being clad in hardwood veneer to match the NHM’s own cases, we made the cases from MDF finishing them with an antiqued wood scenic effect. Initially sceptical of this approach, after seeing a full scale sample, the client was delighted at the impact and additional cost saving.

Photos © Trustees at the Natural History Museum