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The British Museum: Rodin and The Art of Ancient Greece

In being awarded the build contract for Rodin and the Art of Ancient Greece at the British Museum, FSL were entrusted to house some of the foremost sculptural masterpieces of 2 past ages, including the Parthenon Marbles, the friezes and metopes of which were housed in bespoke niches built into the set. Appointed to develop and deliver what at first glance appears to be a relatively simple, aesthetically minimal set construction, our first challenge was to create a substructure that could be assembled quickly, whilst also having the requisite strength rated to handle the weight of classical marble status, and large Rodin bronzes.

Our realisation of the design by Metaphor, suggesting the practical immediacy of Rodin’s studio layout, down-played the finishing skill required to achieve a maintainable even emulsion paint wash across the porous chipboard, and the carpentry expertise that delivered the fully discrete breakaway panels that allowed access for conservation and object staff. This is not to mention the robustness of internal construction demanded by bronzes like the iconic Burghers of Calais, all executed with the deceptively unfussy Factory Settings finish that subtly establishes the landscape of the exhibition.

Photos ©The Trustees of the British Museum