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The National Library of Norway: Opplyst

Factory Settings were approached by Nissen Richards Studio to do some very early stage prototyping for a project for one of their existing clients in Norway. From these initial works, we developed with NRS and the National Library of Norway, a unique pair of wall cladding materials. This required multiple rounds of samples, engineer consultation, and finishing processes to come up with the final approved cladding. Alongside we worked carefully with the client, to ensure that the budget was maintained, and the project delivered on time.

The final products were a CNC cut valchromat sheet cladding, that incorporated a detailed hand line drawing, scaled up to fit onto the room and a “block wall” made up of individual CNC cut Tulipwood blocks, that mechanically fixed together, with no adhesive, to produce a complete wall. Over 3000 blocks were used to finish the wall. Factory Settings were not the Principal Contractor for the works, and as such had to closely coordinate with the base build contractor from Norway, and the showcase manufacturer from Belgium. The final wall finishes were hand scribed to all of the showcases on site to give a truly bespoke finish.

Designer: Nissen Richards Studio

Photos © Gareth Gardner