Carpentry & Build

From lengths of 3x1 softwood to 25mm thick valchromat wood-fibre panels to fumed oak and mahogany veneers, our carpentry teams have experience with every material on the market, and every build type that a designer can ask for. Not only can we build it, but we can advise on the limitations, availability, and offer alternative methods and techniques to achieve your stated design intent. After all, it’s the clients job to let us know the look, feel, and sound of what they want.

It’s our job to come up with the best and most cost-effective way to make it work. From the carpenters in the workshop, through our draughting team, to the directors, we all started our careers on the bench. That’s why our workflow from the Project Team, to Production and Draughting discussion and down to the workshop bench is quick, straightforward, and efficient. Onsite, our carpenters- the kind who never get tired of the details- will be happy to talk through the minutiae of building and installing our setworks and features with designers and clients.