CNC Cutting & Machining

Over the last few years, the team at Factory Settings have invested in developing a CNC machining service appropriate for our own needs as bespoke fabricators. Our MultiCAM 3000 CNC routers are capable of cutting 2D or 3D profiles and forms up to 150mm thick in sheet materials from MDF and plywood, to foam and aluminium. The machines are backed up by software capable of identifying individual parts within a 3D CAD model, automatically assigning machining paths to those parts, and nesting for maximum efficiency.

Recognising the level of demand that our CNC operators were managing, we have added a second machine, a Multicam Apex, and our CNC production now operates in a dedicated space managed as the crucial pivot point in project manufacture. We believe we have developed a way of using our CNC capabilities and specialist cutting services that is far more sophisticated than most existing fabricators, which gives us another edge that may make all the difference for your project.