Electrical, Lighting & Audio-Visual Integration

Factory Settings maintains in-house technical management, along with a pool of associated freelance electricians, technicians, and audio-visual specialists to differentiate themselves from their competitors in ensuring we are always intrinsically on the cutting edge of creative technical innovation. Structured in this way, we are able to apply our direct management to both in-house audio-visual and technical elements of your project, and those project elements which may be subcontracted to our partner specialist vendors.

The exhibition of any type of subject matter-scientific, analytical, aesthetic-needs to excite and engage the audience; to inform, entertain and educate. Factory Settings remain fully versed in the multitude of ways that visitors engage with exhibitions, fit-outs, and event displays, embracing the new creative and technological dimensions of interfacing with an increasingly tech-savvy audience just as we embrace the physical aspects of your build project.