Whether it’s a quick onsite job of rolling walls when time is of the essence, or an exploration of various finish types and methods, our Finishing Department, under our Finishing Manager, is ready for it. From application of hardwax to compliment a text etch on a panel, to fuming of hardwood, to a perfect satin-finish on lacquered brass, we’ve built up an unbeatable finishing knowledge from task to task and from project to project, and can always sample and experiment to determine the best process to deliver that tricky finish your design can’t do without.

It isn’t by accident that our finishing is located in the mezzanine of our main workshop, just above our Carpentry Department and right outside the office where the Projects and Production teams coordinate our build, so that the feedback and coordination between teams doesn’t need any unnecessary lengthening of the circuit, and sampling and small batch completion can be reviewed and discussed without delay. The finish of your design is just that, and we always give it our all to get it over the line.