A 5 x 4 metre section of showcase housing completed with an internal ceiling needs to be built out of bolted steel panels? A number of sleek and visually unobtrusive curved barriers is needed, suddenly, for the exhibition to open on time, and on time is only days away? We’ve done that and more. Our teams understand that metalwork can represent the only structural solution when the museum object’s weight won’t leave anything else as a consideration, and just as frequently, the only way to get that perfect, delicate bead of trim along the eyeline of that key setwork. Metalwork is a skill we have honed from our early days, and our capacity continues to expand.

We offer mig and tig welding in steel and aluminium, section rolling, and CNC aluminium cutting. We have always had a dedicated facility for metalwork, and our capacity and versatility in working with metals is only growing. Even processes we enlist our partners to assist with, such as punching, folding, and larger-scale section bending, go through our workshop quality and fitting checks so that no level of confirmation of our build standards has been neglected.