Project Management & Quality Control

Managed by the Head of Projects and senior project managers, our Projects Team has the width and breadth of experience, in both Factory Settings and prior roles in integrated build project delivery, to navigate your brief, whatever its scope, specs, and inherent complexity. We have completed projects for small high-end shops and large outdoor festivals, managing builds in museums, convention centres, and galleries across Europe and the UK, and of course, in London.

We don’t expect to get guidance; we expect to offer it, so let us know what your job parameters are, and we’ll get started. We pride ourselves on the quality of our finished products, and have an extensive portfolio of successfully delivered projects across a range of scales and scopes, for public and commercial clients alike. Factory Settings employ internal quality checks at every step of a project. Our construction process is jointly monitored by our Head of Production and the Project Manager. As work leaves the workshop, everything is quality-checked before being packed for transport. For further information regarding Factory Settings’ Quality Management processes, please see our Quality Manual, available by request. This will provide detailed information on our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management processes, which permeate through the organisation, and inform everything we do.